Welcome to New Equipment Digest's 2018 Industrial Products Guide!

Welcome to New Equipment Digest's 2018 Industrial Products Guide!

Over the following 50 pages, you will find an updated, comprehensive list of some of the top manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of the most in-demand manufacturing equipment in the industry.

Along the way, we've included nearly 100 of the most popular products we have published from these companies over the past year, all of it stretched over a range of categories and industries that covers the totality of the manufacturing world: from robots and 3D printers, to hydraulics and pneumatics, to controls and instrumentation, to material handling and hand tools.

At its core, the collection of data in this year's IPG is much more than a simple catalog of listings, much more than an industrial Who's Who.

It's a starting point and key resource for the entire buying process.

Click through these pages and you will come away with a solid understanding of the state of your industry, its biggest players, and where to start on your next sourcing project.

And that is really the point of this: the IPG is designed to help jumpstart your next project, to serve as a constant resource for purchasing, for engineering, for innovation, and to put access to industry leaders and experts right at your fingertips.

So dive in and use it well.