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Fun Innovations Friday: Artificial Intelligence Is Helping People Avoid Car Rental Nightmares

July 19, 2024
ProovStation has found a use for AI in the car rental industry, making a frustrating process more transparent and worry-free.
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Supplier Spotlight: Ajax/CECO/Erie Press Moves Beyond Forging
Machine Tools & Metal Working

Supplier Spotlight: Ajax/CECO/Erie Press Moves Beyond Forging

July 18, 2024
Through strategic mergers and acquisitions, the largest forging equipment supplier in North America now offers a range of metal-forming machines, services, and support that help...
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VibWorks LT Entry-Level Vibration Data Collection

July 17, 2024
Ludeca's VibWorks LT is a portable data collector for industrial maintenance and features advanced AI for real-time vibration data collection and analysis.
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Armor 25T Pro

Armor 25T Pro 5G Smartphone With Thermal Imaging and Night Vision

July 16, 2024
Slim, light, and powerful, Ulefone's Armor 25T Pro 5G smartphone offers thermal imaging and infrared night vision capabilities in one device.
What is an industrial PC?
Software & Computers

What Is an Industrial PC?

July 15, 2024
Looking for the right type of industrial PC for your application but not sure where to start? Here are the differences between industrial and commercial PCs and their advantages...
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Technology Innovations

There's a New Type of 3D Printing in Town and It Uses Lasers

July 12, 2024
FMAP combines 3D printing and lasers to create multimaterial, multilayered sensors and circuit boards, even going as far as printing sensors embedded within a structure.

Our Product Directory Has Moved!

July 10, 2024
A notice to our readers.