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KLEMM Bohrtechnik GmbH
KLEMM Zero-Emission Drilling Rigs Look to the Future
Product News

KLEMM Zero-Emission Drilling Rigs Look to the Future

Sept. 15, 2023
KLEMM Bohrtechnik offers a glimpse into present innovations and further developments that might very well be tomorrow's industry standard.
Teledyne FLIR
Flir Extech Vpc260 Meter
Product News

Extech VPC260 6-Channel Particle Counter Monitors Indoor Air Quality

Sept. 15, 2023
Teledyne FLIR's Extech VPC260 6-Channel Particle Counter simultaneously measures and displays 6 channels of particle sizes, air temperature, humidity, dew point, and wet bulb....
Teletrac Navman
IQ Camera
Product News

IQ Camera Improves Driver Safety

Sept. 15, 2023
Integrated with Teletrac Navman’s TN360, the IQ Camera gives fleet owners visibility and context behind driving events and provides automated, in-cab driver feedback.
Emerson Print
Product News

Warm Tiles Self-Adhesive Floor Heating Mats (SAM)

Sept. 13, 2023
Warm Tiles Self-Adhesive Mats (SAM) from Emerson gently heat floors, can be easily cut to fit any flooring layout, and work with a large variety of flooring materials.
Cold Jet
IceRocket Dry Ice Blaster
Product News

IceRocket Dry Ice Blaster for Professional-Grade Cleaning

Sept. 11, 2023
Cold Jet's IceRocket dry ice blaster blasts away dirt, grime, and other contaminates without damaging the underlying surface and is not abrasive, conductive, toxic or flammable...
Marmon Industrial Water
Containerized WT Solutions for Industrial Water
Product News

Containerized WT Solutions: Portable Tanks for Demineralized Water

Aug. 9, 2023
Marmon Industrial Water's Containerized WT Solutions, a line of portable water tanks, feature a combination of ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, and EDI technologies to produce...
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An Air Cleaning Alternative for the 21st Century
Research and Development

An Air Cleaning Alternative for the 21st Century

Aug. 7, 2023
North Carolina State University researchers have developed an air filtration technology that catches and kills pathogens with up to 99.9% efficiency.
Tri-Mer Corporation
Whirl/Wet Dust Collector
Product News

Whirl/Wet Dust Collector

Aug. 4, 2023
Tri-Mer's wet dust collector has a capacity of 52,500 cfm and collects soluble and non-soluble particulate 3 microns and larger and eliminates sticky residue.
Vance Avery Wastewater Treatment Plant
Plant Operations

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Helps Wastewater Treatment Plant Expand Basins

July 26, 2023
Gearboxes from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS help the Vance Avery Wastewater Treatment Plant and its small community in Oregon to process up to 15 million gallons of wastewater daily, without...