19 Irish Innovations That Rocked the World

March 17, 2024
The Irish are known for crafting fine tales and songs, and even finer spirits and beer. But their ingenuity—when it comes to manufacturing on the Emerald Isle—doesn’t end there.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published in 2018 and has been re-published and updated with more information, including 9 more inventions.

If you're Irish, you know the playful stereotypes about drinking and fighting. You probably just brush it off, because you know your ancestors had it a lot tougher than you, so dry yer' eyes, ya wee wain!

They were a tough lot indeed, who got through the storms and the famines and the oppression with a song, a jig, and yes, even a delicious pint from time to time. As the life of any party, that's what they get remembered for, but secretly, the Irish have also been revolutionizing the world through scientific and industrial innovations.

We can go on all day about them, but we know there's a corned beef sandwich somewhere calling your name, so here are a few to make you look brilliant when you get into the spirits for St. Patrick's Day, and not come off as some plastic paddy who throws on a cardboard top hat and thinks that makes them Irish for the day.


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