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Technology Innovations

Game On: How Gamification Transforms Mundane Assembly Tasks Into Motivating Challenges

April 12, 2024
Treating work like a game sounds like a win-win for productivity and employee happiness, but researchers at West Virginia University found some surprising results from their experiment...
Industry Trends

Podcast: 4 Movies That Channel the Manufacturing Mindset

March 11, 2024
In honor of the Oscars, the editors share their picks for the best industry-inspired movies in this special episode of Great Question: A Manufacturing Podcast.
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Electrical & Electronics

AC Elite G2 Commercial EV Charger

March 11, 2024
The MaxiCharger AC Elite G2 Business charger provides fast charging capabilities for a wide range of commercial vehicle brands. With a charging power of up to 19.2 kW (80 A), ...
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Speed Limiters May Be Coming to All Vehicles Near You
Research and Development

Speed Limiters May Be Coming to All Vehicles Near You

Feb. 27, 2024
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the Road to Zero Coalition are urging the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to require intelligent speed assistance...
Japan's "2024 Problem" and Why Robots are the Answer
Industry Trends

Japan's "2024 Problem" and Why Robots are the Answer

Feb. 22, 2024
With labor shortage challenges and overtime regulations coming into the fold, the world's number one robot manufacturing country is developing automation strategies to overcome...


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Product News

Do You Know Motors?

April 15, 2024
Stepper, servo, AC, DC, synchronous, asynchronous....there are many different types of motors. Take our quiz to see if you know what they do and how they work.
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Software & Computers

RayNeo X2 3D AR Smart Glasses

Feb. 8, 2024
The RayNeo X2 AR smart glasses from TCL RayNeo are pioneering binocular full-color micro-LED optical waveguide displays alongside interactive features to create an unparalleled...
Great Question: A Manufacturing Podcast

Podcast: The Top 6 Technology Trends for Manufacturing in 2024

Feb. 6, 2024
Listen as we break down 6 of the top technology trends reshaping the manufacturing industry in 2024 and how you can use them.
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Industry Trends

Embracing the Future: The Tech Trends Reshaping Manufacturing in 2024 and Beyond

Feb. 6, 2024
Six of the top technology trends we'll see take off in 2024.
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Industry Trends

The Vital Role of NAT Routers

Jan. 26, 2024
How you can use NAT routers across 10 different applications.