2023: The Year of AI

Dec. 19, 2023
A lot happened on the scene regarding artificial intelligence this year. Here are our top stories of AI including implementation, developments, and more.

The world went into a frenzy when Chat GPT was released, with fears about people losing their jobs (as an editor the fear was creeping in), awe of the possible new inventions it could help create, and relief from tired students writing essays. 

However, a lot of that frenzy died down once people could see how limited it still is, not to mention the issues going on with OpenAI's CEO and staff. If you didn't know, the board fired the CEO and with it, staff walked out following their CEO. It's a whole thing and not that unheard of in the tech world. 

Anyway, Chat GPT isn't the only form of AI that has come around this year. Many companies are in full research mode, receiving funding from investors, including the government, to take this technology to the next level. AI is being implemented into countless pieces of equipment and software for the manufacturing sector. It's on a roll and it's not stopping anytime soon. So while Chat GPT is still in its growing stage, many uses within manufacturing are ready for business—it just doesn't grab the larger media's attention.

So here are all of our top stories on AI that you may have missed, from technical white papers to tips on how you can use it in your processes to the special projects in development throughout the world, and much more.