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Controls & Instrumentation

OmniFlu HA Kit Detects and Quantifies Hemagglutinin for Vaccine Manufacturers

May 22, 2024
InDevR's easy-to-use benchtop device—OmniFlu HA—enables vaccine developers and manufacturers to simplify and standardize their workflows
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Controls & Instrumentation

PT17 Series Self-Powered Digital Tach/Maintenance Hour Meter for Engines

May 21, 2024
ENM Company's PT17 Series of tach/maintenance hour meters keep track of true engine RPM and running time for all types of gasoline engines.
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Controls & Instrumentation

TEQ Series of Waist Belt Transmitters for Mobile and Port Applications

May 13, 2024
Tele Radio's TEQ line of waist belt transmitters offers users 3 different size options for relaxed control of crane or construction applications.
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Material Handling & Packaging

FS42 Fixed Industrial Scanner for Data Capture and Deep Learning

May 8, 2024
Zebra's FS42 scanner decodes information from every component and package as it moves through the manufacturing, storage, and fulfillment phases.
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Controls & Instrumentation

Collo Analyzer for Food & Beverage Liquids

May 1, 2024
Collo Analyzer measures the quality of liquids for the food & beverage industry in real-time to detect contaminants and identify risks in liquid processing with a single measurement...
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Controls & Instrumentation

X12 X-ray System for Small, Medium Packaged Products

March 7, 2024
The X12 X-ray system, designed for small and medium-sized packaged products, detects hard-to-find glass, metal, and stone. Additionally, it checks that products are correctly ...
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ST51AV & ST75 thermal flow meters
Plant Operations

Beverage Can Manufacturer Boosts Gas Efficiency With Thermal Flow Meters

Feb. 29, 2024
Fluid Components International's thermal mass flow meters have proved the test of time for this manufacturer.
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Controls & Instrumentation

CSC Series Modular Seed Counters & Dispensers

Feb. 27, 2024
Cremer's CSC series of modular seed counting and dispensing machines offer a 20-channel counter with counting speeds of 12,500 seeds/min.
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7 Products to Ensure Safety in Hydrogen Transitioning Projects

7 Products to Ensure Safety in Hydrogen Transitioning Projects

Feb. 21, 2024
Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection has a complete product offering for hydrogen that encompasses end-to-end gas, flame, and fire detectors, and also a range of controllers, services...