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April 26, 2022
Exact Metrology
Np Artec3 D Scanner
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InfraTec GmbH
Np Infratec Imageir 8300 800
Product News

High-Speed IR Camera

Sept. 23, 2020
The ImageIR® 8300 hs infrared camera meets the highest demands for geometric, thermal, and temporal resolution, and offer excellent measurement accuracy.
Np Sick Ft Mg Sensor 800
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Multifunctional Thermal Flowmeter

Sept. 9, 2020
A single device for accurate leakage detection, the FTMg multifunctional thermal flowmeter helps to improve energy management.
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Plant Operations

Back on Track with Oil Analysis

July 1, 2020
Many manufacturers were not analyzing machine oil and lubricated components during the COVID-19 shutdown. A careful consideration of these factors will promote reliable and safe...
Columbia Marking Tools
Np Forg Cmt Mite E Mark 800
Product News

Part Marking for Robotic Cells

March 25, 2020
Air-impact stations are a lower-cost alternative to dot-peening and laser marking, and produce deep, highly legible marks with rapid cycle times.
The Schuler die-monitoring system can avoid the potential for costly die repairs, downtime, and even complete production stoppage.
Die Design/Repair

Die Monitoring Avoids Disaster

Jan. 15, 2020
With the aid of cameras, foreign objects and other potential hazards can be detected before systems and parts are damaged.
MetCon LLC
Two conditioned, 9-in. RCS billets emerge from an electrochemical treatment bath.
Material Handling

Electrochemical Conditioning Cuts Ti Production Costs

Aug. 13, 2019
A patented process improves ingot-to-finished product yield by 10%, saves time, and minimizes handling and safety considerations
Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence
The RS6 Laser Scanner boasts a scan line that is 150 mm wide at mid-range, representing a greater than 30% increase in surface area covered by each scan movement compared to the previous generation Absolute Arm laser scanner.
Product News

High-Productivity 3D Laser Scanner

July 31, 2019
High-density point-cloud data collection - at high speeds and with high accuracy
As part of the AL-series of overload devices, the Eagle sits at the top of the portfolio, including a multi-hoist overload protector, multi anti-collision crane system, and full connection with a black box app, for download on a laptop or smartphone.
Product News

Black Box Monitors, Logs Crane Movement

July 10, 2019
Ensures safe lifting for high duty-cycle overhead cranes and hoists, and use within intended parameters
The Robus load cells are custom-made for Brinell hardness testing forces, and the body is designed using FEA to resist the forces generated during the full 3,000-kg test.
Product News

Next-Gen Brinell Hardness Testing Machine

June 25, 2019
Closed-loop benchtop system, with simple, icon-based controls