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Np Forg Cmt Mite E Mark 800

Ready-to-Use Marking Station for Robotic Work Cells

March 25, 2020
Air-impact stations are a lower-cost alternative to dot-peening and laser marking, and produce deep, highly legible marks with rapid cycle times.

COLUMBIA MARKING TOOLS is offering a ready-made, complete marking station to interface with robotic work cells. The compact, Mite-E-Mark systems are designed to impart marking station IDs, date codes, or QC marks on products. According to CMT, these air-impact stations are a lower-cost solution to dot-peen and laser marking systems.

It also noted the units are extremely rugged, provide rapid cycle times, and produce deep, highly-legible marks.

“As robotic work cells are increasingly being used in automated production, so has the need for a ready-to-mark air-impact stations,” according to marking specialist Marc Steele.

These marking stations feature a plug-and-play design with a selection of dry or lubricated air, all required valves, marker mounts, and a part rest. The height and location of the part rest are custom- designed per application.

An optional fieldbus for programmable logic controller (PLC) communications also is available.

“In addition to the convenience it offers, the Mite-E-Mark air-impact station is double-acting and perfect for automated production applications where deeper marks typically are required. In fact, it provides 18 times the force of an air cylinder of the same width,” Steele added.

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