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Normalizing Furnace Rebuild

June 10, 2020
Refractory reline and new combustion system, control panel and automation for heat-treating furnace to process hot-charged, closed-die forgings.
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SECO HT Furnace for Bearing Rings

May 13, 2020
An electric roller furnace will be integrated with a process line to heat-treat bearing rings with diameters from 980 to 1180 mm, for super-sized trucks used in mining operations...
Leybold AG
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Pressure Builds for More Vacuum Expertise

March 4, 2020
Online tools make it possible to calculate process requirements and simulate pump performance, according to industrial applications.
Quintus Technologies
The QIH 48 M URC system has a hot zone that measures 14.8 in. (375 mm) diameter and 47.2 in. (1,200 mm) high.

First HIP for Mexico

Jan. 22, 2020
An aerospace and automotive parts processor will add Quintus hot-isostatic pressing with Universal Rapid Cooling to its part-finishing services.
The UCM 4D Quench system performs high-pressure quenching, with nozzles arranged to achieve uniform flow of nitrogen gas from all sides, plus top and bottom.
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Vacuum Heat Treatment for Individual Parts

Jan. 15, 2020
Precise, repeatable nitrogen-atmosphere system for gears, shafts, bearing races, rings, etc.
The ExOne Co.
ExOne Co. develops binder-jet 3D printing machines used to form parts in metal, ceramic, sand, and other materials, as well as consumables like material binders.
Metal Forming

New ExOne Formula for 3D Printing Aluminum, Titanium

Nov. 13, 2019
A clean-burning binder will mean high-demand metals can be sintered without carbon residue
Quintus Technologies
The QIH 21 M URQ will have a hot work zone of 211 mm (8.3 in.) by 400 mm (15.7 in.) , and an operating temperature of 2,552°F (1,400°C.)
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F1 Team Adds Quintus HIP Technology

Nov. 5, 2019
Alfa Romeo Racing / Sauber Motorsport AG will install hot-isostatic press and adopt Quintus service and consulting program to advance AM capabiltiies
Pre-forging billet heating

Simulating Induction Heating of Forging Billets

Oct. 25, 2019
Optimizing and simplifying progressive induction heating using open-source software and algorithms
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Chinese Output Countering Global Steel Trend

Oct. 1, 2019
Raw-steel output for August is 3.4% higher year-over-year, but Chinese steelmakers produced 87.3 million metric tons -- 9.3% over August 2018, and up 9.1% YTD.