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April 26, 2022
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Scibond SL-90 is an environmentally friendly formula for high-volume cold forming of parts and tooling.
Product News

Single-Step Lubricant for Stamping

Nov. 13, 2019
New formulation provides a dry surface for easy mold release, and no need to change out the bath, as with a zinc-phosphate solution
Ceramic C-PRIME discs shown in roll-on and turn-on styles: both are used for finishing, grinding, deburring and blending applications.
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Quick-Change Discs for Higher MRR

Oct. 16, 2019
Ceramic-grain improvements provide higher metal removal rates at faster cutting speeds, with lower grinding temperatures and less friction
Picum MT
The start-up company launched by the Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Machine Tools (IFW) at Leibniz University Hannover, offers a mobile system for large-component and complex machining on site.
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Mobile Hybrid Machining for Tooling, Dies

Sept. 11, 2019
The accuracy of a machine tool, the flexibility of a robot and the mobility of a drilling machine.
LIFT, the transportation-focused public-private research partnership, is introducing a Learning Lab for high schoolers to gain experience in advanced manufacturing skills.
Die Design/Repair

Grant Will Fund High-School Advanced Manufacturing Program

Sept. 10, 2019
LIFT gets $200,000 gift to support applied learning for STEM curriculum
Schuler Group
Two counter-rotating, eccentric gears in the head of the press balance mass forces and improve quietness and precision.
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Servo-Driven, Transverse-Shaft Drive Press

Aug. 28, 2019
Closed-die, automotive parts production is faster, quieter than comparable system, with reduced vibration
SMS group
The MP series of closed-die presses has been redesigned to reduce the labor and costs involved in maintenance and inspection work.
Metal Forming

Dongfeng Forging Orders SMS Closed-Die Press

Feb. 27, 2019
5,000-mt eccentric forging machine will produce light-truck crankshafts
Industrial Innovations
The Pro-Mix DC proportioning system mixes lubricant or coolant concentrate with water on demand at adjustable ratios from 5:1 to 500:1.
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Portable Lubricant and Coolant Mixing System

Feb. 20, 2019
Delivers a homogeneous mixture allowing press equipment to run efficiently, accurately, and repeatably, improving up-time, die life, and part quality
Schuler AG
An example of a hydraulic press design comparable to the unit scheduled to start in January 2021.
Metal Forming

New Closed-Die Press for Otto Fuchs

Feb. 6, 2019
Schuler supplying 30,000-mt machine for landing gear, engine discs, structural parts, more
Sisu Chemical
Scibond SL-87 is applied directly to metal, with no requirement for a conversion coating needed, then dried prior to cold forging or tube drawing.
Product News

One-Step Lubricant for Cold Forging

Feb. 6, 2019
Environmentally friendly replacement for zinc phosphate and/or halogenated oil systems