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FIA Set to Launch Online HR Benchmarking

Aug. 20, 2014
“Giving members what they need, when they need it is the goal …” More participation … more effective September 15 launch Instructional webinar

The Forging Industry Association is preparing to establish an on-line, interactive platform for benchmarking human resource data among its forging-producer members. The project has been in development for several months, according to FIA, and the result would be a readily accessible tool for informing HR decisions.

FIA represents 109 North American producers of forged metal components, whose output represents approximately 89% of all custom forging produced annually in North America.

“Giving members what they need, when they need it is the goal of this major enhancement,” explained FIA president Roy Hardy.  “FIA’s Board of Directors has authorized a substantial financial expenditure to take our surveys to the next level – on-line and in real time.”

The Association encouraged all its forging producer members to participate, noting that more companies sharing information would enhance the data set for all involved.

The online tool is designed for easy navigation, but will present more comprehensive data and customizable data filters than the existing benchmarking tools.  FIA claimed that the new platform contains an extensive volume of guidelines and instructions, and offered the assistance of FIA staff to answer questions or assist in using the platform.

“The difference between traditional and dynamic benchmarking is the difference between one-size-fits-all and customized data,” Hardy said.

“Traditionally, survey forms are distributed, participants respond and a one-time, one-size-fits-all report is released a few months later,” he continued. “With dynamic benchmarking, participants can receive instant feedback during data entry (as soon as enough data is entered to assure participant anonymity), exportable charts and reports can be tailored to your specific needs and all information is available 24-7 throughout the year.”

FIA boasted that its database represents the “the only timely, forging-industry-specific wage-and-benefit information for hourly, supervisory and management positions,” and it emphasized that this information is available only through survey participation. 

Data collection will begin September 15, when e-mails with log-on information will be delivered to authorized persons seeking their submissions of organizational data. 

A webinar will be held on September 16 at 11:30 am EDT, to demonstrate the platform’s capabilities, the data-entry process for participants, and the ways that participants can use the platform to customize data.

FIA’s Compensation Benchmark team is available to answer questions, to handle requests for a webinar invitation, or to provide survey support. Contact the team at [email protected] or tel. 216.781.6260.