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Quick Thoughts on: Mini Edge Switches

This is part on an ongoing series on pneumatic components and explains what edge-switch technology does.

Edge-switch technology incorporates sensing technology into pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators. It provides significantly more control over the positioning of the actuator.

The most recent advance in this technology detects the edge of the magnet instead of the edge of the magnetic field (which is the case in older reed switches). Better edge detection of the magnet inside the actuator allows for crisper positioning and greater repeatability.

It’s the size that makes the difference. It’s smaller. Now, the switch can work in applications that are difficult or even impossible with standard switches.

In addition, the mini-edge switch employs a 90-degree construction which can simplify your wire management. These two features (the smaller size and the construction) allow more switches to be placed on a single track, putting the operator in the driver’s seat when it comes to motion control.

Take for example an EF cylinder whose five millimeter stroke renders it difficult to fit traditional switches. Only one switch can fit and even that hangs off the edge of the cylinder. That’s not ideal. With the mini-edge switch, not only can we fit the switch on the actuator, but we have enough room for another switch. This gives us the ability to detect both the extend and retract position using the same switch track.

 The mini-edge switch fits in the very same four millimeter c-slot as the reed switches, making it perfect for upgrading current production lines.

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