Titanium Producer Adds Forging for a Complete Package

May 14, 2012
Medical device manufacturer sells plant to Perryman

Accellent Inc., a medical device manufacturer, is selling its Houston, PA, forging operation to The Perryman Co., an integrated titanium products organization. It’s an initial entry to forging as a production process for Perryman, which produces titanium in a range of forms (ingots, bars, coils, fine wire, net shapes, and hot-rolled products) for customers in aerospace, medical systems, consumer products, industrial goods, and recreation markets worldwide. Its melting operations include electron-beam and vacuum-arc remelting furnaces, which produce titanium ingots in various compositions.

“This acquisition is consistent with Perryman’s strategy to leverage our full-integration position and continue to deliver value for our medical customers,” stated president and CEO Frank Perryman. “With this investment, Perryman adds forging and finished-part machining capabilities, as well as a strong and experienced technical team.

Perryman said it would expand all of the operations and product families currently represented at the Accellent plant. “This is a market we are quite familiar with,” the president and CEO explained, “and adding these capabilities helps diversify our portfolio and enables us to deliver a complete package from titanium melting to finished-part manufacturing.”

The forging plant occupies over 50,000-ft2 of manufacturing space and is ISO 13485:2003 approved, Perryman noted. In addition to titanium, it produces cobalt-chrome and stainless steel forgings. It also machines plastic and metal parts, and has part cleaning and packaging capabilities available.

The price of the sale was not released, but Accellent said it would be completed by midyear.

"This sale allows Accellent to focus better on its core, medical device markets and provides a great future for our employees in Pittsburgh,” stated president and CEO Donald Spence. He also noted the importance of Perryman’s role as a global company that has relationships with many of the Houston plant’s customers.

Accellent designs and manufactures medical devices for applications in cardiology, endoscopy, and orthopedics.

The sale is expected to close before midyear.