Purchase Links Walker Forge, PMT Industries

March 22, 2012
Complementary capabilities for mechanical forging companies

The parent of Milwaukee-based Walker Forge Inc. and Precision Thermal Processing Inc., has acquired PMT Industries LLC, Surgoinsville, TN. W.T. Walker Group Inc. did not indicate the value of its purchase, but emphasized the two organizations have “very complimentary forging capabilities.”

Walker Group detailed that Walker Forge produces forgings on presses from 850-4000 tons, while PMT produces components on presses from 4,000-8,000 tons. Both companies offer value-added services, too, including machining, heat-treating, metallurgical analysis and mechanical and chemical testing.

“This is a very strategic acquisition that strengthens both companies,” stated Willard Walker, CEO of W.T. Walker Group. “Together, Walker Forge and PMT offer the broadest range of mechanical forging presses among any competitors in North America, ranging in size from 850 tons up to 8,000 tons. We are uniquely positioned to offer our customers a wide range of products and product sizes as well as solutions that will enable them to consolidate their supply chains and improve overall performance.”

Walker Forge is a closed-die steel forger that produces gear blanks, hubs and spindles, crankshafts, hypoid drive rings and pinions, driveline yokes, input/output shafts, engine mounts, suspension components, transmission components, and valve bodies and seats. In addition to its 10 mechanical forging presses, it has heat-treating and metallurgical testing capabilities. Its customers range among energy companies, defense manufacturers, agriculture equipment and automotive OEMs, power transmission and diesel engine producers, and other markets.

Its affiliate Precision Thermal Processing Inc. in Clintonville, WI, is a commercial heat treater with carburizing and hardening, quench and temper, normalizing, stress relieving, bright annealing, and many other capabilities. The two companies have more than 600 employees.

PMT manufactures high-alloy steel forgings for safety-critical engine and chassis applications, including articulated and mono-type pistons, connecting rods, steering knuckles and control arms for cars, light trucks and SUVs, and steering knuckles for the heavy truck market. Established in 1997, it has nearly 250 workers.

“Our future is very bright,” according to Willard Walker. “We are grateful to our customers and suppliers for their loyal support, and look forward to the new possibilities the acquisition opens for all of us.”