Ladish Unit Earns Long-Term Pact for Landing Gears

Nov. 9, 2008
Five-year contract for commercial aircraft program

Ladish Co.’s ZKM Forging subsidiary is reporting new orders from Goodrich Corp. for landing gear components, in a five-year supply agreement. More than 20 landing gear parts are included in the contract that commences in December, and is part of a large commercial aircraft program.

The components will be produced at ZKM's plant in Stalowa Wola, Poland. Wisconsin-based Ladish acquired ZKM Forging in 2005. The company was established in 1978, and is a supplier of forged components for aerospace, transportation, and mining and construction equipment markets.

"The increasing flow of aerospace orders into our facility is a result of focused investments in people and equipment,” observed Jozef Burdzy, ZKM's president and general director. “Buyers of forged components are demonstrating confidence in our ability to produce quality parts on schedule to support build programs in Europe and North America."

Ray Knutilla, managing director for Ladish’s, European Operations, stated: "Technical advances at ZKM, from material preparation and forging, to inspection and value-added machining, have laid the foundation for a ramp up of orders for highly technical aerospace forgings. In fact, they are at a pace that supports the goals of our business development plan."