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Wyman-Gordon Investing $150 Million in New Plant

Nov. 11, 2014
South Carolina project to heat treat, machine forgings for aerospace, power generation 50,000-sq.ft. building Production starts in 2015 400 employees
Forging group Wyman-Gordon plans to build a new manufacturing plant in Dillon County, SC, in the northeast part of the state, with “post forging capabilities” including heat treating and machining operations, to supply parts to aerospace and power-generation manufacturers in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

The location is an industrial park with 50,000-sq.ft. building already built, on a 60-acre site that’s said to have proximity to Wyman-Gordon’s customers and South Carolina’s aerospace industry.

“We were attracted to the overall business environment in South Carolina,” stated Greg Paolini, v.p. and general manager at Wyman-Gordon. “Our new facility in Dillon will be located in the center of a rapidly growing aerospace sector with easy access to highways, ports, and, most importantly, many of our customers.” 

Wyman-Gordon has not announced on the project. The available information is drawn from a statement by the governor’s office in South Carolina.

“It’s no secret we are becoming a magnet for the aerospace industry, and investments like this one only add to our growing momentum,” according to Governor Nikki Haley. “We look forward to seeing Wyman-Gordon continue to succeed as this plant flourishes.”

Construction is expected to start before year’s end for the reported $115-million project, with production planned to begin late in 2015.

South Carolina’s announcement indicated the new plant could employ up to 400 workers within five years.

It will be the eleventh plant in the Wyman-Gordon group (five in the U.S., two in England, and one each in the Czech Republic, Mexico, and Scotland), and the 15th operation in Precision Castparts Corp.’s PCC Forged Products portfolio.

The types of forgings to be processed at the new plant are not known. PCC Forged Products manufactures forgings, titanium alloys, and nickel-based alloys for aerospace (aerostructures and turbine engines), power generation, and general industrial markets.