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Normalizing Furnace Rebuild for Forged Auto Parts

June 10, 2020
Refractory reline and new combustion system, control panel and automation for heat-treating furnace to process hot-charged, closed-die forgings.

Can-Eng Furnaces International Ltd. has a contract to overhaul and refurbish a cast-link belt normalizing furnace for automotive forgings, for an unnamed auto parts manufacturer in the U.S.

"Normalizing heat treatment" is a process used to promote grain-size and microstructural uniformity for particular steel alloys. The process involves heating the parts to a temperature above a critical limit, and then cooling in open air.

The furnace was designed and built by Can-Eng in 1996, and originally rated to process 27,000 lbs/hr. of hot-charged, closed-die forgings. It is described as having been one of the largest cast-link belt furnaces in the world.  

The refurbishment will take place at the Can-Eng workshops in Niagara Falls, Ont. The furnace will be completely relined with refractory, and outfitted with a new combustion system, new control panel, and Level II Automation system, plus an additional external cooling conveyor. 

The furnace shell, hearth and return rolls, as well as the ACI HT cast-link belt itself will be refurbished "to near new condition," according to Can-Eng.

The new operation will be serviced by a furnace charging robot and the entire operation will be completely automated with the Can-Eng Process Enhancement Technology (PET), from the charging robot pick position through the heat-treatment process. 

The furnace line will return operation during Q1 of 2021.