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SECO Supplying Roller Furnace for Large Rings

May 13, 2020
An electric roller furnace will be integrated with a process line to heat-treat bearing rings with diameters from 980 to 1180 mm, for super-sized trucks used in mining operations.

OAO BelAZ, a manufacturer of large hauling trucks and earthmoving equipment at Zhodzina, Belarus, ordered a SECO/Warwick Corp. electric roller furnace, to be integrated with a process line manufacturing large bearing rings.

The SECO RLHE-120.510.20-1000 roller furnace is designed to heat-treat bearing rings with diameters from 980 to 1180 mm, used by BelAZ in the production very large trucks for mining operations. The state-owned BelAZ has designed and built trucks to carry up to 450 metric tons, with eight tires rising up to 2 meters high.

The heat-treating line will consist of a transport system with a set of manipulators, the RLHE-120.510.20-1000 electric roller-furnace, a hardening press with matrix instrumentation, and a control package with a master system for data visualization and archiving.

In 2012, SECO supplied a universal pusher furnace to BelAZ, for quenching, tempering, and normalizing APH-800 G forgings. In 2016, SECO installed a roller furnace for hardening large bearing rings.

Reportedly, the heat-treatment equipment has allowed BelAZ to achieve very low deformation rates for hardened bearing rings: below 0.2 mm of deformation of flatness and ovalization for heat-treated elements.

"In implementing this project, the SECO/Warwick team applied many years of experience and expert knowledge specific to the bearing industry and this particular customer and its production," stated Jarosław Talerzak, vice president for the Atmospheric Products Segment of SECO/Warwick.