Home, Sweet Home: Where are America's Best Candy Factories?

As a trick-or-treater, you may have wondered which houses on your street had the best candy on Halloween. Now you can find out where exactly all those sweet treats came from and what makes them so special.

The National Retail Federation says Americans will spend $2.6 billion on Halloween candy this year. If you're super into optimizing operations, increasing productivity, and seeking out value-add ventures at all cost, I'm guessing you didn’t just become that efficiency-oriented yesterday. Maybe as kid, you made trick or treating a game to get the biggest bag, but highest quality as well. You made it your business to know where the houses stocking the best candy were, i.e. the full-size Snickers, and where to skip, like the sugar buzzkilling dentist's house who would hand out miniature toothbrushes (I had two of these nut jobs on my street growing up).

Now you can buy candy at a store with money, or just steal a child's bag of sweet loot, because they are so small. But you already knew that. But what's not common knowledge is where all of America's amazing candy factories are that make Halloween possible.

Click the photo gallery to find out.

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