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Ceramic pumpkin candy dish with candy corn spilling out.

7 Inventive Ways to Hand Out Halloween Candy

Oct. 25, 2022
Follow in the footsteps of these creative DIYers as they engineered unique solutions to deliver sweet treats via zipline, cannon, sensor, and much more.

It’s Halloween, and we all know what that means. It’s time to dispense large amounts of sugar to costume-clad children as they race from house to house, filling their pumpkin-shaped buckets with fun-sized chocolates.

Many of these inventions evolved out of a need for safety on the holiday when masks weren't just for Halloween during the pandemic. To ensure a safe and spooky Halloween, or to just have some extra fun, follow in the footsteps of these creative DIYers as they design and construct unique solutions to deliver sweet treats via zipline, cannon, sensor, and much more.

Fire-Breathing Dragon

TKOR, a science-based YouTube channel that loves to bring textbook knowledge to life, built a giant dragon to safely give candy to trick-or-treaters. The dragon has workable hands to help pass candy out in a more hygienic way and makes Halloween a more health-oriented experience. The dragon's eyes and head can also change color and brightness by using a smart light switch from Caseta by Lutron that helps control everything through a phone.

Candy Slide

Wicked Makers are well-versed in Halloween DIY projects all year round. This candy slide is a simple DIY Halloween prop that only uses some basic PVC pipes. One person stands at one end of the candy chute and slides candy down to the trick-or-treaters waiting at the bottom end. It's a simple Halloween prop but it's also a blank canvas that can be decorated however you like! They also offer their viewers free downloadable plans to make your own!

Spooky Zip Line

Matt Thompson, from the channel Thompson Woodworks, created a spooky zip line. Being a woodworker, he created a zip line with a beer holder attached to send some Bud Lights down to the parents who are out with their kids on the holiday. While he used Beer as his example, it can easily be filled with candy for the little ones.

The Automatic Candy Dispenser

Barkers Random Projects has been creating automatic candy dispensers for a few years but when the pandemic came, they changed it up to be touchless as well. They also offer free plans to create your own!

The Candy Cannon

TKOR once again teaches you how to be the coolest person on the block by making it rain candy! Isn't that every kid's dream? Learn how to up-cycle sprinkler parts into a high-power Candy Cannon that will launch candy 100 feet in the air. It's cheap to make, and a huge hit at birthday parties as well, according to TKOR.

Candy Conveyor

This Rube Goldberg-style, voice-activated candy conveyor and lift is quite a feat of engineering. It's a great project to work on with kids and its fun for the trick-or-treaters as well.

Trick or Treat Cart

I Like to Make Stuff is a woodworking, metalworking, electronics, 3D printing, and prop-making YouTube channel. This Trick or Treat Cart dispenses candy or toilet paper as you walk around the neighborhood with your kids—a fun way to really get into the spirit of trick...or...treat.