Self-Contained Vacuum

Dec. 3, 2018
Mass-Vac's drying vacuums have clear sumps for easy inspection.

MV Cannabis Distillation & Drying Vacuum Systems are fully self-contained and ready to use for manufacturing edible and oil THC and CBD products using various types of solvents. Featuring a choice of vacuum pumps to suit customer requirements, they include vapor and adsorption traps that protect the pumps from terpene and other process byproducts which can cause premature system failure and product contamination.


Equipped with clear sumps to easily inspect the filter elements, MV Cannabis Distillation & Drying Vacuum Systems include all plumbing connections and a built-in drip pan mounted on a push cart for easy access to all process components. Vacuum pumps from 5.6 to 22 CFM can include direct-drive or belt-drive two-stage rotary vane or single-stage oil-lubricated types and include thermocouple vacuum gauges and accessories.