Pump Traps Remove Contaminants

Nov. 3, 2017
Mass-Vac, Inc. offers inlet pumps that have sealings at both ends that eliminate blow-by.

A line of vacuum pump inlet traps for preventing fluid contamination and the degradation of the roughing pumps used with a wide range of analytical equipment is available from MV Products, a division of Mass-Vac, Inc.


MV PosiTrap Vacuum Inlet Traps are made of stainless steel and positively sealed at both ends to prevent “blow by” and protect vacuum pump fluids from acids, organic vapors, particulates, and water vapors.  Featuring a selection of filter elements, these traps are ideal for OEMs and end-users of gas analyzers, mass spectrometers, and scanning electron microscopes to prevent the buildup of contaminants in the oil of roughing vacuum pumps.


Available in 4 and 8 in. diameters straight-through and right-angle models that hold one and four filter elements each, MV PosiTrap Vacuum Inlet Traps can be changed in-line. Filter elements include activated charcoal for organic vapors, molecular sieve for water vapors, several pleated polypropylene particulate rated filters, and Sodasorb for acids.


  • Positive Flow
  • No “blow-by”
  • Variety of elements
  • Positive trapping
  • Easy changing and cleaning