Polymer quenchants were developed by Ross Blackwood, the founder of Tenaxol, in the 1960s and the first Ucon products were patented in 1965.

Polymer Quenchants for Heat Treating

June 24, 2014
Safe alternative to oil quenching blocks corrosion, delivers surface finish quality For commercial, captive operations Reduce thermal cracks, distortion Lubricants, cleaning agents, cutting fluids for metalworking

CHEMTOOL pioneered the development of polymer quenchants the 1960s, and its Ucon® brand products were patented in 1965 as a safe alternative to oil quenching, owing to their unique polyalkylene glycol chemistry, plus corrosion inhibitors.

The products also yield superior surface integrity on all ferrous and nonferrous metals, when compared to water quenching, especially in the areas of thermal cracking and distortion.  

Ucon brand polymer quenchants have become the industry standard since the introduction nearly 50 years ago, and the full range of products today includes Ucon Ultraquench Plus, with advanced anti-microbial protection and enhanced foam control, plus a non-nitrite corrosion inhibitor for improved surface protection. 

Additionally, Ucon Ultraquench RI Plus is a reliable solution for quenching medium-high carbon steels and most alloyed grades, including 300 and 400 Series stainless.  

Chemtool also develops and supplies various lubricants, cleaning agents, cutting fluids for metalworking machinery and other solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications.   And, the company is an important private-label supplier to the distribution channels for many off-highway and other machinery markets.  

Tenaxol has factory sales in Rockton, IL, representatives located strategically across North America.  

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