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Six Considerations for Selecting a Pneumatic Manifold

Manifolds are convenient junction points for the distribution of fluids or gases. By threading fittings or valves into the manifold ports you can quickly secure an organized method of supplying multiple lines from a single source. Manifolds are simple in design but there are several factors to consider when selecting one for your application.

  1. Material: Pneumatic manifolds are manufactured from a variety of metals and plastics, therefore, it is important to know whether the material is compatible with the media used in your application. Selecting an incompatible material can cause corrosion of the manifold resulting in leakage at the distribution point in your system.
  2. Port Size: Manifolds feature a variety of input and output porting options to accommodate the control valves and/or fittings required in your application. When designing your fluid control circuit, be sure to select components with the same thread size as the manifold’s output ports.
  3. Number of Stations: How many lines will be connected at your distribution point? Most standard manifolds come in increments from two to ten stations, however, custom manifolds can be manufactured to accommodate the number of components required in your circuit.
  4. Spacing: One of the most commonly forgotten elements of manifold selection is the spacing between the manifold’s output ports. When selecting a manifold, you want to ensure that the control valves and/or fittings don’t interfere with a neighboring component.
  5. Operating Pressure: Different materials have different pressure limitations. Be sure to review the operating pressures published by the manufacturer to ensure that the manifold won’t rupture when used in your application.
  6. Placement: Consider where the manifold is going to be placed within your system. The closer the manifold assembly is to your equipment, the fewer lengthy lines will be necessary, which will improve performance, save money and provide easier plumbing. convenience.

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