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Forklift Fail: Misuse Highlights Need for Safety Education

A video we recently came across shows what your employees may be doing when you leave for a few hours. How serious do you think your workers take forklift safety?

From “Idiots on Ladders” to “Best of the Worst,” unsafe practices are caught on camera every day.

With the proliferation of social media, there is no shortage of videos and photos of practices that could potentially cause serious injuries or fatalities.

A viral video shows two workers at an unknown facility blatantly misusing a forklift.

The video, posted by CanadianBakeInn in 2009, highlights that not only were workers foolish enough to try such a  dangerous stunt, but also bragged in the summary about doing it on the clock:
Our supervisor left for a few hours and we were bored so we decided to have a litte fun with a Raymond Reach Truck and a Fall Arrest Harness. I'm driving and Moobs is in the harness along for the ride.

"Moobs" seems like a lot of fun at parties, and this is a testament to the ergonomics and strength of the fall arrest harness, which looks by the color to be a Miller warehouse picking harness. It also may be  reason more companies are switching to Raymond's Courier Automated Pallet Trucks and Lift Trucks. Thanks for helping pave the way for the robot invasion, Moobs!

Raymond Corp.

Raymond's self-driving Courier doesn't screw around when the supervisor isn't watching.

Along with future apocalyptic consequences, these hosers could have really hurt themselves or others.

An overturned forklift is responsible for nearly a quarter, or 24% of forklift accidents. Every year, 34,900 of reported accidents result in serious injury and another 61,800 of forklift accidents are reported as non-serious, according to OSHA.

“It's not safe and not funny,” writes Facebook user Josue Carmona, a 22-year veteran forklift driver and heavy machinery operator, according to his post. “This could result in an unexpected accidents,injuries & even result to death. A forklift operator should operate the machine with responsibility and safety;not for fun like this. I watched videos that results in accidents and death of the employees as well for the driver. My advice for all the drivers...never allow things like this [that] could put your friend and yourself on a risk.”

If you were the supervisor, what would you do? Fire them? Join them? Revamp your saftey program? Tell us by clicking the "Comment" button below or emailing [email protected].

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