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GE Proposes Energy Concepts for "Disaster-Proof" Factory

Feb. 25, 2015

General Electric’s GE Japan unit supplied a high-capacity energy-storage system, a gas-powered cogeneration system, and an LED-powered lighting system to outfit a manufacturing concept called the “Future Disaster-Proof Factory Plan.” GE Japan stated its combination of a gas engine and storage battery can lower the plant’s peak-energy consumption by up to 700 kW.

To realize cuts in peak electricity usage and secure energy during disaster periods, GE Japan installed a large-scale energy storage system, gas engine for cogeneration, and LED lighting equipment to the factory and office buildings.  It is the first industrial operation in Japan to have integrated three kinds of energy-saving systems. The factory already has installed a 720-kW solar power generator, and solar power generation collaborations are scheduled to be completed in the subsequent construction project.

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