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HGG’s RoboRail Increases Productivity and Opportunity in a Short Time

Oct. 23, 2023
The RoboRail all-in-one plasma cutting machine, a collaboration between HGG Profiling Equipment, Inc., and Automated Layout Technology, has been tested successfully at SL Chasse (Hudson, NH).

The RoboRail all-in-one plasma cutting machine, a collaboration between HGG Profiling Equipment, Inc. and Automated Layout Technology, has been tested successfully at SL Chasse (Hudson, NH). The full-service structural steel and miscellaneous metals fabricator was instrumental in the development of the RoboRail system, as well as its implementation into production.

“A few years ago, Steve Chasse (President of SL Chasse) came up with an idea for a machine designed for the layout of stairs and railings,” said Mike Evans, Sales Director at Automated Layout Technology. “He needed something that could process various metals and shapes quickly.”

Evans immediately understood what Chasse was looking for. After failing to find a machine that fit their needs on the market, he approached HGG Profiling Equipment (Houston, TX) to help them develop something new.

Founded by engineers in the Netherlands in 1984, HGG is known for pioneering many of the machines and techniques used in 3D profiling today.

“This has been an exciting collaboration,” said HGG Chief Commercial Officer, Wiebe Wiersma. “After a successful test of the machine, we’re pleased to continue our partnership with Automated Layout (Technology) to market the RoboRail across North America.”

The RoboRail addresses the day-to-day production issues of miscellaneous metal fabricators. The machine is flexible and sturdy, making it capable of processing parts in a variety of sizes, shapes, and metals.

Automating many processes that many miscellaneous fabricators do by hand opens up the potential for big gains in both time and money.

“SL Chasse is completing some projects in almost half the time before installation (of the RoboRail),” said Evans. “They’ve also been able to accept projects they would have rejected before, so the machine paid for itself very quickly.”

The RoboRail offers the Miscellaneous Fabricator an affordable, versatile, and powerful solution to replace many traditional machines. The RoboRail makes it possible for Miscellaneous fabricators to process material quickly and accurately to length. Whether it’s making cuts, copes, holes or lay-out marking the RoboRail is capable of handling it all making sure your craftsmen do what they do best.

The RoboRail is designed to be easy to set up and use, reducing the amount of time it takes companies to get up and running.

Nowadays a lot of the work done is modeled using CAD modeling software such as SDS/2, Tekla Structures, SolidWorks, and Inventor. With this plasma cutting machine, you can just send these files, like DSTV or STEP-files, to the machine and it will do the job for you. By automating your plasma cutting you drastically reduce your processing time and eliminate human error, saving time and money in the process.

“Ease of use was very important to everyone involved in this project,” said Evans. “SL Chasse was productive from the get-go. It took two or three days to get their people trained and efficient on the machine.”

The versatility of the RoboRail also makes it a powerful tool for larger structural and industrial fabricators. The next job you see with copes and cut-outs in angle, send it to the RoboRail. Single-story tube columns for a strip mall or mezzanine, send it to the RoboRail. Bolted stairs, send it to the RoboRail.

RoboRail is represented exclusively in the U.S. by Automated Layout Technology. For more information visit https://www.automatedlayout.com/robo-rail.html or call (603) 402-3055.

HGG Profiling Equipment’s commitment to offering its customers the freedom to create is evident in the quality 3D profiling machines that provide complete flexibility to cut complicated profiling in steel pipes, beams, box sections and other profiles regardless of size and specifications. Founded in 1984 in Wieringerwerf, Netherlands, HGG has become the world leader in steel profile cutting with expertise gleaned from years of subcontracting 3D profiling services which typically handle roughly 250 tons of material per week. The company’s machines are capable of cutting every type of steel, with the exception of plate, and can be found in nearly every type of shop including those serving offshore oil and wind, steel construction, process piping, shipbuilding and more.