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April 26, 2022
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SnapShot allows customers to measure the value of their operation on ‘soft’ costs, and identifies opportunities for significant time and cost savings.

New Bandsawing Calculator

May 13, 2013
Identify savings opportunities Guide to cost components of sawing

SIMONDS INTERNATIONAL has added SnapShotto its Cutting Intelligence™ suite of analysis tools designed to help manufacturers identify savings opportunities. The SnapShot Bandsawing Calculator is a data-driven Microsoft Excel tool that identifies and measures the impact of improved productivity and performance on day-to-day bandsawing operations and their effect on profitability. 

The SnapShot calculator guides manufacturers through the individual cost components of their sawing operation, including:
•  Cycle / cut times
•  Blade life (in square inches)
•  Crooked cuts / week
•  Pinch (frequency per week)
•  Cut (surface) finish / hours per shift
•  Noise cost / year
•  Operator training / year
•  Machine repair service / year
•  Other annual value

For those categories with indirect value, SnapShot allows customers to measure their value on ‘soft’ costs, and the tool identifies opportunities for significant time and cost savings.

"In sawing, even small changes can yield significant time and cost savings. Taking a closer look at the scope of a bandsawing operation can uncover some surprising results," said Dale Petts, global product manager for metal products. “Some of our customers are seeing six-figure annual savings after implementing opportunities that were identified via a SnapShot analysis of their sawing operation.”

Simonds International offers a comprehensive line of bandsaw blades, power hacksaw blades, and hand files, as well as support equipment for many of its products.

Simonds SnapShot Calculator joins several other tools in the Simonds Cutting Intelligence family, including QuickCalc, a program created to aid in the setup and optimal performance of bandsaw machines and blades; and Advanced Cut Calc, a program that allows users to specify the material to be cut, blade type and width, along with a short list of optional settings to generate cutting rates, estimated blade life, total cuts, cuts remaining, square inches remaining, cost per hour and burden on shop rate per hour.