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AI Platform Prevents Workplace Accidents

April 29, 2020
An end-to-end workplace safety platform alerts managers and workers to potential safety hazards in real time, by merging AI at the edge with computer vision, IoT, and sensor fusion.

EVERGUARD.AI, "an early-stage venture", released an end-to-end, Artificial Intelligence-based workplace safety platform called Sentri360 that alerts managers and workers to potential safety hazards in real time. The platform was developed for the steel industry, to improve worker safety as well as operations and business margins.

“’s Sentri360 solution is tackling the problem of workplace safety by continuously monitoring worker behavior while generating a more complete situational understanding of the worker’s environment. This complete understanding allows the Sentri360 system to intervene intelligently and help prevent accidents in real time,” according to CEO Sandeep Pandya.

Manufacturers typically rely on human-in-the-loop methods to assess worker and environmental safety. Standard video surveillance must be monitored and opportunities to miss critical events always exist due to distraction. Everguard described entire process as "reactionary with the inability to offer real-time proactive warnings to workers."

Sentri360 works scans multi-sensor inputs in real-time and proactively alerts workers and managers to safety concerns. The real-time situational awareness and insights into worker activity increase productivity and ensure workers are acting within safety parameters.

The Sentri360 feature suite includes PPE detection, safety zone compliance, fall detection, proximity warnings and cobbling detection to name a few. The system provides a cloud-based user portal with predictive analytics, and a coaching module to build overall safety adherence.

In addition to the initial release, is developing solutions for metals, construction, oil-and-gas and other industries.

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