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The QIH 48 M URC system has a hot zone that measures 14.8 in. (375 mm) diameter and 47.2 in. (1,200 mm) high.
Ajax Tocco Magnethermic’s PowerForge is an integrated system for induction heating of billets or bars, developed to conserve floor space.

New Billet-Heating System at Bonney Forge

June 24, 2015
Steel valve/fitting manufacturer operating new Ajax Tocco PowerForge line Oil-and-gas parts 1,300-kW, 1.3-3.3 kHz system Shuttle changes coils for frequency, product sizes

Bonney Forge Corporation, a steel forger in Mt. Union, PA, has taken delivery of a new induction billet-heating system, developed and supplied by Ajax Tocco Magnethermic Corp.

Bonney Forge manufactures forged steel fittings and unions, forged steel valves, as well as cast steel valves for use in oil-and-gas and petrochemical processing, power generation, chemical manufacturing, and general industrial applications.

Ajax Tocco Magnethermic delivered a 1,300-kW PowerForge induction-heating system for raising carbon steel billets to forging temperatures.

The PowerForge design integrates the entire induction system, including water-cooling, into a single package that can be installed quickly and easily, conserving floor space. Installations can be developed to heat 500 to 12,000 lb./hour of billets or bars, with maximum efficiency.

The 1,300-kW, 1.3- to 3.3-kHz system for Bonney Forge includes a coil shuttle table for automatic changing of coils and frequency for differing billet sizes. A PLC with touch-screen HMI displays the ForgeView Plus operating software, which Ajax Tocco also supplied.

In operation, the heating unit is loaded by a vibratory bowl feeder.

According to the supplier, Bonney Forge’s choice of the new heating system was based on several factors, including Ajax Tocco’s overall proposal, which fit the plant’s operation requirements, as well as prior experience with Ajax Tocco induction heating equipment.

The supplier also noted that the PowerForge system provided versatility and multi-frequency operation, and is capable of heating a wide variety of parts easily.

Reportedly, Bonney Forge also considered the availability and expediency of Ajax Tocco Service.