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Metallurgical High Vacuum
Rebuilt pumps, including the optional filtration unit for heat treating, are a popular choice.

Vacuum Pumps for Heat Treating

Sept. 17, 2013
Oil-sealed rotary piston Pressure lubricated bearing bands Rebuilt designs

METALLURGICAL HIGH VACUUM added a new model to its Survivor series of vacuum pumps, the 414-CFM HS430. These pumps incorporate multiple oil filters that extend the life of the unit by removing harmful particles and acid. The design extends pump life and increases the return on investment significantly.

"We have 15 Survivor pumps with over 400,000 hours in operation,” according to Geoff Humberstone, MHV president“Their 'Smart Filters' are soaking up the acids and particles that can kill standard pumps."

MHV Survivor vacuum pumps use a proven oil-sealed rotary piston design for reliability even in demanding operating conditions encountered in heat treating.  Their pressurized oil lubrication increases pump life significantly by half-micron-rated filters that clean the oil of particulates and acids. Clean oil is forced into the critical hinge bar/piston slide tang interface.

The eccentric bearing bands also are pressure lubricated. The design reduces the cost of ownership over the life of the pump, and helps to reduce periodic maintenance. The heavy-duty roller bearing design on main shaft extends life.

MHV also offers rebuilt vacuum pumps – which may include the filtration option for heat-treating applications. MHV rebuilt pumps have become the standard for many customers requiring all-new pumping capacity. "Once they get a pump from MHV, they can see the high quality that our American-made company delivers. They get a pump that looks like new and runs even better,” according to Humberstone.

"We have customers that can go anywhere for their pump rebuilding, but they come back to MHV because of our quality and service," he noted. "Knowledgeable customers come back again and again for our quality and long service life, because it represents a better long term value."