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EMP Orders Heat-Treating Furnace

Feb. 25, 2010
Seco/Warwick tip-up furnace for steel forgings set for New Castle, PA
SECO/WARWICK Corp. will supply a new heat-treating furnace to Ellwood Mill Products for treating long, concentric steel forgings at its New Castle, PA, plant, according to a recent contract. EMP is a producer of engineered steel forgings, iron castings, and other alloy components for a range of industrial markets, including oil and gas, mining, metal processing, power generation, aircraft, railroad, automotive, tooling, water transportation, and defense. The new furnace is a clam shell/tip-up type chamber to be used to heat to quench, though it may be used for annealing normalizing and tempering, too. SECO/WARWICK designs and build industrial furnaces, including aluminum furnaces, steel reheat furnaces, hydrogen bell annealing furnaces, straight heat treating furnaces, atmosphere furnaces and generators, vacuum furnaces, and aluminum reverb melting and holding systems.