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Quintus Technologies
The QIH 48 M URC system has a hot zone that measures 14.8 in. (375 mm) diameter and 47.2 in. (1,200 mm) high.

Inductoheat Ships New Billet-Heating System

Oct. 1, 2010
Heating 1-2.5-in. diameter carbon steel billets to 2,450F, for a 4,000-ton hammer
Inductoheat Inc. reports it designed, built, and recently shipped a two-module induction billet-heating system to an unnamed forging company, to feed a 4,000-lb. board hammer. This InductoForge ® machine was designed specifically to heat 1-2.5-in. diameter billets to 2,450°F. InductoForge is line of modular billet-heating systems that Inductoheat supplies for forgers to match heating capability to production capacity by assembling appropriately sized (500Hz - 6000Hz) induction power modules. The system includes a heavy-duty, single-size forging coil consisting of cast end boards, copper windings and long-life removable liner for heating a wide range of billet diameters and shapes. Billet heating is controlled by the IHAZ™ Temperature Profile Modeling computer program for advanced control of the process. IHAZ allows operators to customize a billet temperature profile (Induction Heat-Affected Zone) to suit their billet or bar heating application. In the recent installation, the forging line starts with a 6,500 lbs capacity automatic bin tipper that allows a bin of 1- to 2.5-in. diameter carbon steel billets, 10-22 long, to be dumped into a vibratory bowl feeder with automatic refill. The billet bowl feeder provides continuous feeding of billets, end-to-end on a pinch wheel in-feed system for precise control. Once in the single-size induction heating coil, the billets are accurately heated to 2,450ºF at a nominal rate of 250 pieces per hour. Process control is enhanced by IHAZ software, which enables advanced temperature control of the billet heating process. In addition to controlling billet temperature, IHAZ can generate the optimal running parameters and set points for Standby and Rapid Start, which are stored as a recipe in the billet heater's AB Compact Logix PLC and AB PanelView 700+ controller. After the billets are heated to the target temperature profile, they exit the induction coil on a fast-extractor conveyor, while the infrared temperature pyrometer activates the over-and-under, accept/reject system.