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SMS Elotherm Absorbing Tech Induction Corp.

Feb. 27, 2012
Consolidated organization promises a broader base of induction technology, service

Induction furnace builder is consolidating its North American organization with Tech Induction Corp., a Detroit-based builder and repair specialist for inductors. According to the SMS Group, the merger will improve customer service and allow the two companies to offer a wider range of products. “The result is an industry expert with a broad base of inductive solutions for North America, with a strong local presence for customers,” according to the statement.

The financial terms of the merger were not announced.

The Tech Induction operation, a 38,000-ft2 repair center for inductors and research center, will become part of the new organization. Products like hardening inductors and heating coils will now be manufactured in North America, as well as at the SMS Elotherm headquarters in Remscheid, Germany.

In addition to induction furnace technology, the addition means that the North American organization will be able to offer spare parts to customers quickly, along with local service of equipment. SMS indicated its range of competency for modernizations and tool development would be enhanced by the consolidation, too.

SMS Elotherm will be rebranded as SMS Elotherm LLC, with the Tech Induction brand as one of its operating arms. President and CEO Darren Martens will continue in his role, and George Burnet will manage the SMS Elotherm organization.

"Tech Induction enjoys an excellent reputation for innovative induction technology - this is exactly what also our customers expect,” stated Dr. Andreas Seitzer, managing director - Technology and Sales of SMS Elotherm. "Especially business partners in the U.S.A. will directly profit from the extended range of products and services. Together we are even closer to the market and can now respond more flexibly to customer demand."