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Induction Hardening/Tempering System for Drivetrain Components

Dec. 27, 2010
Inductoheat package achieves optimal case depth and hardness patterns

Induction hardening of a hub spindle’s outside diameter.

Induction hardening of an outer ring hub’s inside diameter.

Inductoheat Inc. reports it has shipped an induction hardening and tempering system to a large manufacturer of automotive drivetrain components. The machine is designed specifically for hardening and tempering hub spindles and outer ring hubs.

As detailed by Inductoheat, the system is comprised of a STATISCAN® IV system for induction hardening, using alternating coils for two different parts and a STATISCAN® II system with a channel coil for induction tempering. In order to achieve the ideal case depth and hardness patterns, the system includes two power supplies: the first is a UNIPOWER® UP16 200-kW system for hardening; the second is a STATIPOWER® SP16 50-kW unit for tempering.

The system’s hardening section processes parts at up to 80 pieces per hour using a two-axis gantry, with absolute feedback. A continuous-feed conveyor moves the parts through the tempering section.

The system is controlled by package built around a PLC with 12-in. touchscreen PC-HMI interface. According to Inductotherm, the control package includes advanced graphics software and features, including part recipe management, process monitoring with data archiving, data logging, motion program, and fault help.

Other design features of the new installation include a water recirculation system; a quench recirculation system; an automatic lubrication system;, a pyrometer on the tempering system, for process monitoring; and horizontal servo positioning capability on the hardening inductors.