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Hot Forging Lubricant in Effervescent Tablets

March 4, 2013
Water-based synthetic Maximum concentration, precise dilution Simplified handling, storage

ORAFOR PB, to be introduced at Forge Fair 2013 by CONDAT, is a water-based synthetic lubricant for hot forging of ferrous and nonferrous metals, including press forging, hammer forging, upset forging, and many other processes. According to the developer, it is the first forging lubricant available as an effervescent tablet.

The effervescent tablet technology makes possible maximum concentration of the lubricant, which reduces lubricant volume to minimum, and makes dilution precise, without resorting to dosing equipment. The product is easy to use, safe to store, and ecologically friendly.

The ORAFOR PB effervescent tablet is a highly concentrated product with 100% dry extract. It avoids the problems of freezing, according to Condat. Its weight and volume are one-thirdthose of standard forging lubricant products, thus saving inventory space and transportation costs, and minimizing handling and waste.

The effervescent tablet also makes dilution simple and precise. After dissolving, the ORAFOR PB tablet is completely diluted without any added agitation. The dilution ratio is always correct and the tablets avoid the use of dosing equipment. Therefore, the product is ready for use and can be sprayed directly on forging dies. Operators’ safety and health benefit thanks to lighter loads and simpler handling with the convenient package.

ORAFOR PB is manufactured with low energy consumption, has simpler logistic requirements, and its minimal packaging limits waste and eases recycling.

With a high level of expertise in forging field, Condat offers customized lubricants for all forging processes including: graphite lubricants for hot and warm forging of steel; nonferrous forging lubricants; glass coatings for aeronautic forging of titanium, Inconel, etc.; and graphite-free lubricants for hot forging.

With over 155 years’ experience in the lubricants industry, and with modern, well-staffed laboratory and technical expertise in all aspects of industrial lubrication, Condat is always developing and improving its products.