McLube MoS2-900 is available in one and five-gallon containers. The developer describes it as durable, and effective over a wide temperature range. It is said to be easy to apply, to provide “excellent adhesion to substrates” and high lubricity, and to protect against wear, seizures, scoring, galling, and corrosion from moisture.

Molybdenum Disulfide Die Lubricant

Jan. 21, 2013
Easy to apply, dries in air Dries in air, requires no curing step High lubricity, extends life of moving parts

McLUBE’s MoS2-900 is a water-based dispersion of molybdenum disulfide and adhesion promoters. The dry lubricant coating resulting after evaporation of the water has excellent adhesion to most substrates and exhibits a low coefficient of friction, high load-carrying ability, and good durability.

It’s offered as a general purpose, dry lubricant for metal forming and a range of other industrial uses, including: all types of sliding surfaces; mechanical parts; threaded connections, conveyors, guide posts, O-rings, seals, sleeve bearings, spline drives, and others. It’s also recommended as a run-in lubricant. Surfaces to be coated should be clean and dry. Any conventional application method can be employed – brushing, dipping, wiping or spraying.

It is effective for preventing seizing, galling, and scoring, and for protection against extreme pressure. It performs well as a lubricant under dusty or moist conditions, and protects against corrosion.

McLube MoS2-900 contains no oil, grease, wax, silicone, or graphite. It has a specific gravity of 1.12; weights 9.4 lb/gal., and the coefficient of friction of dry film is 0.035.

It is intended for use as received, but if a more dilute dispersion is desired the product can be extended with water. Because it is dispersion, it settles on standing. It is necessary to mix the product thoroughly prior to — and periodically during — use. If the material has not been standing for too long, hand mixing may satisfactorily re-disperse the solids. However, after longer storage periods, mechanical stirring is recommended.

MoS2-900 is essentially non-toxic. Containers should be kept closed to prevent evaporation of water. The product should be kept above 32°F to avoid freezing. The MSDS thataccompanies each shipment should be reviewed before using this product.