Industrial Innovations
The Spra-Rite pedestal-style precision lubricating systems can be configured to meet specific process needs, to reduce lubricant use, improve productivity and lessen environmental impact.

Precision Lubricant Application Systems

Feb. 1, 2013
Improve production rates, reduce lubricant consumption Program lubricant volume for each injector

INDUSTRIAL INNOVATIONS’ patented Spra-Rite lubrication systems precisely regulate the volume and placement of lubricant at specific areas of tools or the stock, at predetermined press stroke intervals.  Use of these systems will improve production rates, reduce lubricant consumption for improved environmental conditions, and save money.

The Spra-Rite system’s precision is possible thanks to independently controlled, electrically operated, efficient injector valves.  These injector valves are microprocessor controlled, eliminating the need for any poppets, o-rings or check valves found in less effective application devices. 

The system has independent programming capability for lubricant applied to each injector.  There is ability to store and recall up to 200 spray pattern profiles with easy editing of existing programs as well as BCD-capability to communicate with most press controls.  Additionally, press cycles can be skipped based upon pre-programmed stroke counts.

The pedestal systems come with a minimum two-injector manifold to a maximum 48- injector manifold assembly, with a choice of air-over-lubricant or air-driven-pump pressurization and delivery. 

Spra-Rite controls include a PLC and a data display with alphanumeric programming of the valves, nozzle purge or test, and dual alarm outputs for management of the safety features.