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April 26, 2022
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What's New in Die Lubricants

March 2, 2007
Dag 183 BMS is a fully automatic batch mixing system that provides a smooth and constant stream of lubricant/water mixture without any interruption of forging production.

Acheson Industries has introduced Dag 183 BMS, an advanced die lubricant dilution/delivery system that is said to provide a consistent dilution ratio, enabling forgers to cut lubricant consumption, reduce scrap produced, and improve forging productivity. A fully automatic batch mixing system, it provides a smooth and constant stream of lubricant/water mixture without any interruption of forging production.

The system provides forgers with a high degree of flexibility in their choice of lubricants for specific jobs. It is developed to handle water-based, concentrated graphite dispersions (e.g. Acheson Deltaforge F-31) and allow exact mixing and preparation according to the recommended procedures for the process lubricant.

The metering pumps and ultrasonic level sensors are fully automated by a programmable logic controller. The dilution system functions to homogenize the product concentrate (when needed), and to prepare automatically a homogeneous dilution. Dilutions from 1:2 up to 1:30 parts of concentrate to parts of water can be prepared automatically and added to a standard dilution tank of 21-gal capacity. A high volume version alsois available with a dilution tank of 264-gal capacity.

Its corrosion-resistant mixing and circulation system ensures that the concentrated lubricant is well mixed when it enters the system and that it exits at a consistent dilution rtio. With this consistency advantage, forgers reportedly can achieve optimized processes and ultimately reduce lubricant use and prevent die cavity buildup.

The control of the complete system is integrated in the main PLC control of the spray equipment. A user-friendly operator interface is provided through a touch screen pendant attached to the system. It provides a full visualization of the dilution process.

It is suitable for use with concentrate supplied in drums or totes.