OGP+ Compressor + Oxygen Generator

Sept. 17, 2021
OGP+, an on-site generator that offers advanced reliability, performance, and cost savings, consists of a compressor and an oxygen generator.

OGP+, an on-site generator that offers advanced reliability, performance, and cost savings, consists of a compressor and an oxygen generator—freeing manufacturers from the costs and logistics of buying, moving, and storing gas.


With the introduction of the 8-model OGP+ Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) oxygen generator series, Atlas Copco sets the bar higher with a host of user benefits and significant operational savings. By optimizing PSA technology, the OGP+ range consumes 30% less feed air at full load to produce the same amount of oxygen as a traditional generator. As a result, users are able to enjoy double-digit reductions in the total cost per unit of oxygen.


The OGP+ also introduces additional energy savings at low load with its in-house developed Variable Cycle Saver (VCS) technology. VCS optimizes the PSA cycle to reduce the air requirement to what is needed to generate a lower volume of oxygen. By eliminating energy waste during lower demand, VCS generates up to 70% extra energy savings.


Operators can set the exact oxygen purity they need with just one push of a button, producing up to 95% oxygen—offering a cost-efficient solution for high-purity applications. Continuous, automated feed air monitoring protects the integrity of the zeolite molecular sieve (ZMS) material that separates the oxygen from the incoming air. It also monitors every unit of oxygen it produces. If any purity issues were to arise, the generator will intervene and (if pre-set to do so by the user) stop the oxygen from reaching the application until the purity level is restored.

  • Complete machine with O2 sensor, digital flow meter, and pressure regulator
  • Small footprint
  • Advanced controller with large HD color touchscreen offers easy gas purity selection, purity alerts, and connectivity options
  • Automatic start-up allows for plug-and-play installation
  • Feed air monitoring and interception
  • Oxygen purity monitoring and interception