CNC Booster Compressor Packages

May 13, 2021
Kaeser’s expanded line of booster compressor packages offers machine integration options.

CNC booster compressors deliver capacities from 28 to 281 cfm with pressures up to 650 psig. These fully enclosed and integrated units are available in 10 to 30 hp models. This product line expansion also adds the DNC-XL, bringing Kaeser’s advanced booster lineup to nine models with flows ranging from 28 to 882 cfm.


Each package includes a built-in aftercooler for optimized cooling and a sound-dampening enclosure for reduced noise levels and better machine protection. A reduced footprint, easy-access design, and simple connections make installation and maintenance easy. A complete sensor array and the Sigma Control 2 controller offers unsurpassed control and monitoring with enhanced communications capabilities for seamless integration into remote plant control/monitoring systems.


All Kaeser booster packages can be ordered for nitrogen compression or as a water-cooled unit and can be customized for specific applications with optional variable speed drives and integral Eco-drains.

CN C series performance parameters:

  • 10 to 30 hp
  • Initial pressure: 45 to 190 psi
  • Final pressure: 145 to 650 psi
  • Flow rate: 27 to 283 cfm

DN C series performance parameters:

  • 30 to 60 hp
  • Initial pressure: 45 to 190 psi
  • Final pressure: 145 to 650 psi
  • Flow rate: 80 to 882 cfm

Optional features: High-pressure boosters are available as air or water-cooled versions. CN C series high-pressure boosters are delivered as standard with air-cooling. A version equipped for nitrogen compression, sealed to prevent outside air from penetrating, is also available (N2 version).


Applications: PET bottle production, process air applications, nitrogen generation, high pressure for testing facilities, e.g. for pressure tests, burst pressure tests, and pulse tests (on brakes, coolers, etc.).



  • Compact footprint:
    • This unique, space-saving system is compact yet powerful, therefore no need to compromise on performance, reliability or energy efficiency.
  • Minimal installation effort:
    • DN C and CN C boosters are delivered ready for connection to a power supply. The systems can be configured for a large number of applications, including self-monitoring applications.
  • Service cost savings:
    • due to a new design offering access from the front of the unit. This configuration was made possible thanks to a new component layout, which also reduces the effort required for maintenance tasks, such as when performing belt changes.