Teach Employees with Virtual Solutions

March 16, 2020

Enabling manufacturing enterprises to benefit from its advanced Digital Manufacturing (DM) solutions for factory automation, Fastem’s DM allows companies to do training and testing before rampup and simulation during production.


Thanks to DM solutions, no physical automation system is needed to simulate, educate, or introduce a factory automation system to employees. DM offers a cost-effective way to demonstrate and educate new factory automation technology.


The DM offering consists of three options: Virtual MMS (Manufacturing Management Software), Virtual FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System), and Virtual AMC (Agile Manufacturing Cell). Each of these solutions includes access to the software and 24/7 customer support. The Virtual FMS and AMC options include a visual components model, a 3D simulation software for manufacturing applications, including layout planning, production simulation, offline programming, and PLC verification, which functions as the manufacturing hardware of the system. All three products can be used as a local installation, and virtual MMS can also be used as a cloud-based installation.