Virtual Reality Simulator for Forklifts

Dec. 14, 2022
The Raymond Corporation’s Virtual Reality Simulator is a flexible, scalable teaching tool for training employees on forklift use and safety.

2022 NED Innovation Award Finalist

The first of a kind in the industry, Raymond’s award-winning Virtual Reality (VR) Simulator is a flexible, scalable teaching tool that uses the latest immersive technology to bring new hires up to proficiency more quickly and to continually expand operator skills for reduced turnover. Whether you need to keep valuable lift trucks in production, need to train many employees each week, prefer a quieter teaching environment or need to scale quickly to another truck model, Raymond’s VR Simulator can be tailored to your specific needs by working with your choice of a VR buck or actual lift truck.


Each lift truck model comes with a series of guided lessons that increase in complexity and build upon principles learned in earlier lessons, helping to develop more engaged, proficient, and productive operators.


The updated VR Simulator—launched in June 2022—is redesigned for optimum usability and performance with a smaller, lighter traveling case for easier maneuverability and setup, and includes the award-winning HTC VIVE Focus 3 wireless all-in-one VR headset for enhanced operator performance, comfort, and longer immersive sessions.

  • Over 250 lessons—covering beginner to advanced skill sets
  • The most truck models and operational scenarios in the industry
  • Flexibility to use a Virtual Reality buck, an actual truck or to switch between both for greater scalability
  • Quick setup
  • Real-time Feedback