SpotCast QR Code Stickers for Video Training

July 15, 2023
SaferMe's sticker solution lets users create training videos of any type of equipment so workers can easily scan and learn on the go.

SpotCast is a video sticker platform that enables instructional and safety videos to be easily embedded on durable QR Code stickers around the facility. The sticker is placed on any piece of equipment and employees simply scan it with their smartphone or tablet and watch the embedded video. No sign-up is required.


SpotCast solves the challenge of how to easily deliver instructional videos to employees, at the right time and in the right place. Markets for the product include the manufacturing, engineering, utility, physical security, facility management, contracting, and construction sectors.


Content creators require minimal training on how to use the platform, and the barriers to entry from a technical perspective are negligible. The process of making the videos is seamless. The stickers that are unique to each company are ordered from SaferMe, and once the SpotCast stickers arrive, the user follows an easy three-step process:

  • The sticker is placed on any piece of equipment or in any important location.
  • The QR Code sticker is then scanned, and the user is prompted to record their video.
  • The video is uploaded to the QR Code and becomes active. The next time someone scans the SpotCast sticker, the recorded training video will play on the user’s phone.

SpotCast can be updated with new videos at any time, and the stickers are durable, waterproof, sunproof, and tear-proof.

  • Step 1: Stick Your SpotCast: Stick your QR Code in the place that's most useful for the person that you're helping
  • Step 2: Record Your Video: Record your video instruction, making sure to include clear steps for your watcher to follow
  • Step 3: Anyone Can Watch: Now anyone that has access to your SpotCast can watch your video instructions.