FactoryTalk Logix Echo Controller Emulation Software

Sept. 29, 2021
Designed with a modern user interface, Rockwell Automation's FactoryTalk Logix Echo Controller Emulation Software can save time and costs.

2023 NED Innovation Award Finalist

FactoryTalk Logix Echo version 2 has been improved in the areas of testing, giving users access to more than 20 variations of the 5580 ControlLogix platform at their disposal.


Version 2 will be the first emulation platform to support safety controllers by introducing GuardLogix 5580 controller catalogs. Users can download to GuardLogix controller types and emulate the execution of both Standard and Safety tasks in their project. The inaugural version supported one 17-slot chassis, but the latest release now supports the creation and communication of multiple chassis with 1 FactoryTalk Logix Echo license. Users can create the configuration and arrangement of controllers/slots that they need without previous limitations, adding flexibility for multiple users to each access different controllers that can all live in their respective positions.


2022 NED Innovation Award Winner

Machine designers can save time and costs and optimize machine performance with FactoryTalk Logix Echo Controller Emulation Software.


Using the emulation software, engineers can fully test control code in a virtual environment. With support for up to 17 emulated controllers, the software can emulate a machine, production line, or even an entire plant.


Emulated controllers can also be paired with other software for a wide range of uses. For example, by connecting an emulated controller to a mechanical system model via the Emulate3D digital twin software, users can perform testing and experimentation without large physical equipment. And by connecting an emulated controller to training simulator software, operators can be trained on a new machine and learn its real-time responses before the machine arrives on site.


The software is designed with a modern user interface and a simpler overall experience than existing emulation software.


It is now available for use with the ControlLogix 5580 family of controllers from Rockwell Automation.