GROB-NET4Industry Web Applications

Jan. 20, 2022
GROB Systems' GROB-NET4Industry module applications range in use from planning to engineering to maintenance.

For increasing facility efficiency and achieving transparency, the modular GROB-NET4Industry web applications enable manufacturers to network and digitalize production processes across all plants.


Offering an all-round package for modern production in the Industry 4.0 era, GROB provides modules ranging from planning to engineering to maintenance. Each GROB-NET4Industry module is designed to increase productivity. Users can select from among 12 modules and combine the most relevant for the best system to ensure connectivity.

  • GROB4Line: The machine in sight via smartphone
  • GROB4Analyze: Feedback from the machine for CIP
  • GROB4Simulate: Complex processes and parts simply simulated
  • GROB4Coach: Programming, simulation, training
  • GROB4Interface: Easy route to machine communication
  • GROB4Connect: Connection from the real world to the ERP system
  • GROB4Pilot: Multi-functional, interactive machine operation
  • GROB4Automation: Intuitive production control software for unmanned operation
  • GROB4Track: Machine axes in view at all times
  • GROB4Care: Service and maintenance portal
  • GROB4Portal: The secure Cloud for the industry
  • GROB4Optimization-MSP: Process evaluation for motorized spindles