Lighter parts frequently require softer, less abrasive blast media. The THM troughed-belt, continuous-feed shot-blast machine with curved throwing blades reduces cycle times for aluminum- and magnesium-alloy forgings.

New Generation of Blast Turbines

Oct. 12, 2016
Redesigned blades for troughed-belt, continuous-feed shot-blast machines processing light metal parts Curved shape helps cut cycle times Higher throwing speeds Bi-directional functionality

WALTHER TROWAL soon will introduce what it described as “a new generation of blast turbines for the troughed belt, continuous-feed shot-blast machines.” The THM type turbines reportedly increase the throwing speed, thereby reducing cycle times, for shot blasting light metal (e.g., aluminum, magnesium) parts. 

Lighter materials are frequently used to replace parts formerly designed in steel or iron. However, shot-blasting aluminum and magnesium alloys may require soft, less abrasive blast media (e.g., aluminum shot.)

When it comes to shot blasting forgings (or other types of products) made from aluminum, magnesium, or zinc alloys, many operations are switching to somewhat softer aluminum blast media. Then, because of their lower bulk density the impact energy of these media is significantly lower compared to other media like steel shot. For this reason, Walther Trowal developed turbines with curved throwing blades, which generate significantly higher throwing speeds.  

In addition to higher throwing speeds, the new turbines also allow a much higher media throughput. Despite the lower media bulk weight of these “soft” blast media the results are shorter cycle times and, at the same time, greatly improved surface finishes.

Since the throwing blades in the new turbines are curved on both sides, the turbines can be run in two directions.

For applications requiring steel and stainless steel blast media, Walther Trowal offers the curved throwing blades in wear-resistant tool steel. This increases the overall blade uptimes significantly.

The first machine equipped with the new turbines will be delivered to a customer shortly; existing THM machines can be reftted with the curved blade turbines allowing the users to increase productivity and reduce their costs.

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