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Micro-Filtration for Grinding Fluid

Feb. 11, 2015
System maintains high-purity cutting medium … clean coolants protect tools, pumps, and slide-ways 3- to 5-micron particles Full flow (non-bypass) filtration 100% separation of clean and dirty oil
Vomat systems provide micro-filtration to particle sizes of 3-5 microns, meeting the NAS Class 7 standard (National Aerospace Standards) for precision tools.

VOMAT engineers and manufactures fine-filtration systems that maintain grinding oil quality to Class 7 NAS (National Aerospace Standard) purity, with particle sizes of only 3-5 microns. This represents the highest purity class. Thanks to numerous advanced features, Vomat systems ensure that the coolant in the system remains in good quality for a long time.

In the machining process, coolants are used to minimize friction and to eliminate excessive heat at the point of contact between wheel and tool. During this process the grinding oils are contaminated by metal debris, dirt, and decomposition stemming from extreme heat exposure. All of these are risk factors for the production process. When coolants are not thoroughly filtered it is necessary to change them in short order. But, optimally filtered coolants have many positive effects on part finishing processes: They improve grinding process economy and allow manufacturers to produce parts of the highest quality.

Steffen Strobel, sales manager at Vomat, stated: “Nowadays, the requirements for high-quality tools are constantly on the rise and therefore tools must be ground with much more precision. To achieve this in an economical way, manufacturers have to adopt the best available technology, including modern machinery and climate-controlled production. Given this sort of investment, there is no room for compromise on coolant filtration. The coolant must have a high degree of purity, since coarse particles can interfere with the grinding process and prevent the manufacture of tight tolerance tools.”

Vomat FA series fine-filtration systems provide the ideal platform for process optimization and reliable production. Vomat systems provide full flow (non-bypass) filtration of clean oil, which is tailored to the needs of the production machines. The filter cartridges are automatically cleaned with 100% separation of clean and dirty oil. The filters’ capacity, combined with the on-demand backwash cycle, guarantees an increased service life of the metal coolant. This not only prevents loss of tool quality but also saves money on metal coolants. Coolants don’t have to be changed as often, storage and disposal costs decrease, and the company’s environmental footprint will decrease.

“Clean coolants also will protect cutting tools, pumps, and slide-ways,” Strobel added. “Furthermore, pipes and lines will not clog, all while producing tools of superior quality.”

The dirt particle size is an important parameter in filtration and thus for the purity of the coolant. Vomat filters are classified according to NAS (National Aerospace Standard). They are rated a best-in-class NAS 7 with up to 32,000 5- to 15-micron-sized particles per 100 ml of coolant. “In reality, Vomat systems reach values of 3- to 5-microns in particle size, which also puts them in top positions on other classification systems, such as ISO 4406 and SAE AS4059. This also means that oil filtered with Vomat systems is close to virgin oil quality,” according to Vomat production manager Jens Strebelow.