CIMCOOL specializes in fluids for machining and grinding, and forming, cleaners, and corrosion inhibitors, as well as specialty lubricants and fluid management equipment.

Specialty Fluids for Gear Grinding

Oct. 15, 2013
Clear oil for aircraft engine parts General-purpose metalworking formulations Light viscosity fluid for cooling, rust protection

CIMCOOL FLUID TECHNOLOGY specializes in fluids for machining and grinding, and has a series of products specially developed for gear grinding and/or milling.

MILPRO 740ACF is clear, yellow metalworking oil designed for use in horizontal broaching of high-temperature alloy aircraft engine parts. This chlorine-free oil offers excellent water rejection, oxidative stability, rust protection, and cooling capability for a straight oil.

MILPRO 500 is a metalworking oil blended from naphthenic-base stocks and is recommended for a wide range of light to medium-duty applications such as general-purpose thread grinding, tapping, gear hobbing, gear shaving, milling, and turning. It offers a balanced blend of sulfur, chlorine, and fat that produces better finishes and longer tool life than most competitive oils. MILPRO 500 is low-misting in most applications.

MILPRO 840CF is a general-purpose oil recommended for machining and grinding operations, gun drilling, tapping, broaching, and grinding. MILPRO 840CF contains a lubrication package comprised of both a physical lubrication component and extreme pressure additives. It contains stable lubricity additives with very low depletion rates and high-temperature stability. This light viscosity fluid offers cooling capability approaching water as well as provides excellent rust protection.

CIMPERIAL 20-8SX is a premium soluble oil developed for use on carbon steels, high-speed steel, alloy steels, tool steel, stainless steel, titanium, cast iron, and most aluminum alloys. It is designed for heavy-duty operations and contains a blend of sulfurized and chlorinated Extreme Pressure (EP) lubricant additives to perform a wide variety of machining and grinding applications, including creep feed grinding. This low-foaming product also offers very good biological protection, thus providing extended sump life. While providing higher productivity and improved cleanliness compared to straight oils, it also avoids the housekeeping problems and fire hazards of straight oils.